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18 October 2015

ChinaOMG! Was that a lot of fun or what!!?

In short, we had an absolute blast at Adam and Ava’s various wedding celebrations – there is much too much to tell in one sitting so I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with some instalments. This week, our trip out to China and the first wedding celebration in Ava’s home town, Liuzhou.

As you know, if you’ve been keeping up, we spent the last ten days in China helping Adam and Ava celebrate their wedding. This wasn’t perhaps the best time for us to visit having just moved house and feeling decidedly unsettled but it was more than worth the disruption and now, with hindsight, we wish we’d gone for a month. It was so much fun. Continue reading “18 October 2015”

20 September 2015

Good morning on what I hope is another splendid morning wherever you are. For me, it seems like another week has gone racing by and I feel as if I’m scrambling through treacle trying to keep up! Apart from a few simple, trivial tasks, I don’t feel as if I’m making much progress in the ever-expanding list of those things which need doing. Pen, on the other hand, is racing ahead and the fabric for her new Roman blinds in the lounge arrived a few days ago – she’ll be on to those soon while I am still trying to remember where I put the screwdriver. Continue reading “20 September 2015”

13 September 2015

Good morning to you all and welcome to the inaugural edition of the Moreton Pinkney Picayune! We received hundreds/dozens/loads/a few/one or two suggestions for what we should call this weekly pox on your inbox now that we have moved from Byfield to Moreton Pinkney. Most of the suggestions we received were too rude for a family publication but my father suggested we call it the Moreton Pinkney Picayune and the name fits exceedingly well. Continue reading “13 September 2015”

23 August 2015

Good morning and welcome to the Moreton Pinkney Mercury or the Moreton Pinkney Periodical or the Poreton Minkney Mutterings or something similar – I’m still collating all the suggestions which flooded in after the last edition of the Befouled Weakly News but I have rejected, so far, those suggestions which were along the lines of “Get Lost Gossip” or “No More News, Please” or even “Just Make It Stop!” Continue reading “23 August 2015”

9 August 2015

Congratulations! Many of you have plodded through eighteen years of the Befouled Weakly News. Many life sentences don’t last that long. However, the good news is that this is the last ever edition of the Weakly News you’ll ever be subjected to and even better news – there will be no publication of any description next week. We move house on Friday and, while I’ve no doubt that in itself will be an adventure worthy of inclusion in a publication, we shall have no telephone, television or broadband until some point in the following week. We are, apparently, moving to the back of beyond, a telecommunications back water. Continue reading “9 August 2015”

26 July 2015

As I mentioned last time, we had our favourite granddaughter for an overnighter last weekend and, as always, she was good as gold. We had fun on Saturday afternoon when we wandered down to the recreation ground to find a grand celebration in full swing, completely unbeknownst to us. There was a bouncy castle/slide, face-painting, drinks and nibbles for sale and a live “band” to entertain the multitude. The occasion was the re-opening after a period of closure for refurbishment, of the village club, bar & kitchen. Continue reading “26 July 2015”

19 July 2015

Good morning on what I hope is the beginning (or end) of a glorious day for each of you. We’ve had a very pleasant week – a visit with good friends, a trip to the theatre and an outing to the Cotswolds – and we’re now (on Saturday as I write this) looking forward to the arrival of our favourite granddaughter for a sleep-over. What’s not to like? Continue reading “19 July 2015”