19 April 2015

A short and sweet (?) post this morning. As mentioned last time, Ms Playchute and I are in the States and this morning find ourselves in the glorious splendour of Lake George visiting with brother Sandy and his wife Pam. We’ve spent a few days in Hanover visiting with my folks and will be returning there tomorrow morning for a few more days – just long enough to out stay our welcome, I guess. We fly back home from Boston on Wednesday evening.

Part of the purpose for visiting about this time each year is to join in the celebration of my folks’ wedding anniversary. They were married 67 years ago and are still speaking to one another! We had a lovely meal in one of the rooms at Kendal which was splendid – the food was excellent and the company was thoroughly enjoyable. My two brothers, Sandy and Steph, were present along with their better halves so it was just the male half of the Stragnell children although sister Sallie sent along a very beautiful bouquet and everyone sent their respective best wishes. A lovely time.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, yesterday we drove over from Hanover to the Lake pausing long enough en route to collect our eldest son Ben who had flown into Albany that morning from Los Angeles to join us for the last few days of our visit – a wonderful treat.

That’s about it for this week – I told you it was short and sweet!

Love to you all,