19 April 2015

A short and sweet (?) post this morning. As mentioned last time, Ms Playchute and I are in the States and this morning find ourselves in the glorious splendour of Lake George visiting with brother Sandy and his wife Pam. We’ve spent a few days in Hanover visiting with my folks and will be returning there tomorrow morning for a few more days – just long enough to out stay our welcome, I guess. We fly back home from Boston on Wednesday evening. Continue reading “19 April 2015”

19 April 2015 – Amusements

Thanks to our friend Julie for pointing out that I had used two of the three “amusements” I originally posted this week fairly recently, i.e., last week! She very tactfully asked if this was due to early onset Alzheimers and whether it was she or me who was suffering. Thankfully, I was able to reassure her that it was certainly me and that her faculties are clearly functioning properly.

So, here is the one I didn’t use last week and a couple of other handy replacements.

This is timely for our American readers:

The latest reports from the Internal Revenue service shows that it has streamlined its tax form this year.

It goes like this:

  1. How much did you make last year?
  2. How much do you have left?
  3. Send B.

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