12 April 2015

It’s been a very good week with some impressively pleasant Spring days – sunny once the early morning fog/mist has lifted with moderately pleasant temperatures – highs in the mid 60s (15 to 18 C) or thereabouts. It looks like we’re finally out of the winter woods.

We had a great Easter Sunday last weekend with Nick, Lucy and Annabelle. They had very kindly invited us for Sunday lunch and an associated Easter egg hunt, both of which were excellent. Nick prepared beef bourgeon for all the meat-eaters (i.e., everyone but him) which was very good, as always, and the Avalanche Cake was delicious! We even got to take some home with us – what a bargain.

And who knew that they now produce Easter Crackers with Easter-themed “jokes” every bit as pathetic as those one generally finds in Christmas Crackers. What does the Easter Bunny use to comb his hair? A Hare brush, of course.

The weather was delightfully pleasant so after lunch we skipped down to St Nicholas Park in Warwick where Bubble rode her scooter and played on the swings and roundabouts in the playground. She also persuaded Daddy to take her for a ride on the Easter Special which I had a vague recollection of Ben and Nick riding on more than 30 years ago. The setup is considerably fancier than it was in those days but the track layout hasn’t changed at all.

I delivered Ms Playchute to the airport on Wednesday – she flew out to Toronto to spend a week with her sister J before jetting down to Boston to meet up with me next Wednesday for a fun-filled week in New England. I hate to say this but almost the moment her plane left the ground, the sun came out and the weather has been splendid ever since, in contrast to the 1o Celsius and rain she flew into. Thankfully, I am assured by my father that the weather will improve considerably before I make my journey later this week. A word of warning, there may or may not be any posting of the Befouled News next Sunday .

Many of you will be “friends” of our favourite international diplomat, Jordan Ryan, on Facebook and you will have seen the following photo he posted. For those who didn’t catch it, posting it here is a public service duty which I am happy to provide. Now that he has been appointed Vice President of Peace Programs at the Carter Foundation, he has been reunited with Jimmy who he served faithfully for a period of time as a butler in the White House. (Click for a larger version).

Jordan Ryan as butler

What I want to know is why Jordan is at the front of the queue stuffing his pockets with hors d’oeuvres? I thought the definition of a butler was that you served others.

And speaking of photographs, a couple of collections which caught my eye this week. Firstly, a selection of paintings by photorealist artists with a similar selection of photographs – can you spot the ones which are actually photographs?


And finally, a selection of drone aerial photographs which are quite stunning.

Taj Mahal

Love to you all