15 March 2015

We’ve had a pretty good week – hope yours has been tolerably tolerable. Temperatures are definitely picking up – we’ve been in double figures (Celsius) on most afternoons with the occasional very bright, sunny day. The wind has still been a bit chilly but, on the whole, I can confirm that things are certainly headed in the right direction. Molly and I spotted our first bunch of open daffodils on our morning stroll around the recreation ground on Friday morning.


I need to convey my sympathies to those of you in the States who entered the twilight world of Daylight Savings time last week. Regular readers will know that I am utterly opposed to DST as it is a pointless exercise which doesn’t save any daylight. On top of the uselessness of the exercise, the change from “normal” time to daylight savings time also has the effect of increasing the risk of heart attack by 25% on the Monday following the change, according to a study. John Oliver had an interesting/amusing take on it last week:

Penelope and I had a lovely night out on Friday when we ventured down to the Milton Keynes theatre for a production of To Kill a Mockingbird which was highly enjoyable. The occasion was the birthday of one of Penny’s friends from university – all those years ago! We’ve seen them a few times in the intervening years and, indeed, a couple of years ago we turned up as a surprise for a similar birthday outing. It was great to catch up (a bit) over dinner and then off to the theatre for the play which was very good.

I had worried about how well it would translate to the stage and while it was done very well, it was a bit slow in places as the characters frequently were obliged to read passages from the novel to set the scene and context. Still, the youngsters playing the main parts of Scout, Jem and Dill were outstanding and the actor playing Atticus was, again, very, very good. It must be terribly difficult trying to play the part of Gregory Peck!

Your starter for 10 – who played “Boo” Radley in the film? Answers on the back of a postcard or in the Comments below.

Today is Mothering Sunday in the UK and we have kindly been invited round to Nick and Lucy’s for lunch which is always an occasion worth looking forward to. I’ve written in the past about the differences between Mothering Sunday and Mother’s Day but one should never miss an opportunity to wish one’s mother a splendid day whenever it is. So, Happy Mothering Sunday to my wonderful mother.

I ran across an interesting story which raises a philosophical dilemma on the BBC site the other day. It seems a woman was attempting to pump some coins into a machine to pay for her parking when, all of a sudden, the machine started spewing forth a cascade of coins – something in the region of £30 altogether. If that had happened to me I would have gratefully pocketed the cash and considered it reasonable compensation for all those times when I haven’t had the exact change necessary and therefore had to pay over the odds for my parking. The woman, however, took the money around to the police station and handed it in! The District Council did, at least, provide her with some compensation as a “reward” – they gave her a free days’ parking!

So, the moral dilemma? What would you have done with a similar windfall from a car parking machine?

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Most of you know I am a sucker for good time-lapse videos. Nick shared the following on Facebook so I will share it here:

We’ve got two house viewings coming up early next week – wish us luck!

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