16 November 2014

It’s been sort of a “good cop, bad cop” kind of week. There’s been some lovely sunny weather, a bit “crisp” and autumnal to be sure but still very fine. Those lovely moments have been interspersed, however, with some miserable, wet moments which the dog hates and I hate too. We come home caked in mud and, I think, Molly feels quite cheated when the morning walk has to be curtailed due to the “flood” in the railway cutting. Even worse, she is not allowed into the lounge to recline in front of the French doors until she has dried out. I know the rain will fill the reservoirs which we need after the exceedingly fine summer we had. Still, if we are going to play good cop, bad cop couldn’t we just arrange it so that it rains at night and is bright and sunny during the day? That shouldn’t be that difficult to organise, should it?

Penelope and I had a lovely day last Thursday. We had to find some birthday presents for (a) our very good friend Vicky and (b) one of our favourite people of all time, the mother of our granddaughter who turned 21 on Friday. We had anticipated trawling around the usual haunts in the Cotswolds but a quick search on the interweb led us to Culworth, a village just a few miles down the road. There we visited Forge 2, a “bright and bustling art and craft gallery and shop nestling in the picturesque borders of Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire” which was indeed bright and bustling and which had a wide and very acceptable variety of gifts and trinkets, sufficient for all our shopping needs. When we had completed our transactions it was approaching lunch time and the proprietor very kindly suggested we try the Red Lion, just down the road, which proved to be excellent. Win, win!

The Befouled Weakly News site was hit by a spout of spam last week which I am at a loss to understand. The site has a very efficient spam filter installed which normally works exceedingly well catching spam comments very efficiently, of which we receive about a hundred each week. (I know that some of this, probably the lion’s share, comes from automated bots but honestly, don’t people have anything better to do?). So you can imagine my disappointment last week when the following piece of spam sneaked through:

Dear Sirs,

I wanted to point out an error in this very fine publication. Last week the Weakly reported, “This was the occasion when Susie single-handedly stuffed up Sallie’s septic system.” For the record, it was the occasion when Greg single-handedly stuffed up Sallie’s septic system.

It was a pretty fun trip up until the time that Greg started blaming the need for a plumber on Susie.

Also – you forgot to add the bit about when Susie ran out of blank tapes, car talk was then recorded on top of a previously recorded music tape so as Click and Clack were talking and laughing you could hear John Denver singing “Rocky Mountain High” in the background.

Thanks for your wonderful publication. Couldn’t live without it.

Although this spammer tries the old trick of complimenting the publication, it’s clear that this emanated from the mind of a delusional psychotic. I’ll tighten up the settings to try to prevent such nonsense getting through in future.

I don’t know how many of you have seen photos of the poppy installation which has been gracing the Tower of London over the past few months. We’ve not had an opportunity to get up to town to see it in person but the photographs have been quite stunning.

Poppies at the Tower of London

As well as the photos, I was delighted to see a short video taken from a drone which gives you a feel for the scale and scope of the installation and, bearing in mind that each poppy represents a British soldier killed in the First World War, the senselessness and brutality of war.



I’ve written in the past about Stephen Gough, aka the Naked Rambler. He’s the chap who insists on “rambling” naked around the British countryside and, as a consequence, spending most of his time in jail. He’s just lost a case at the European court where he claimed he had a basic human right to dispense with clothing. As you might expect, he’s currently back in jail for committing a breach of the peace, contempt of court and offending public decency.

The Guardian ran a quick poll some time ago to see whether the public agrees or disagrees with his assertion that he ought to be allowed to wander around in his birthday suit. I have to confess that I was surprised by the result – almost 50/50! I can see both sides of the argument and while I have no great desire to parade around in the altogether, I can see how that would appeal to some folks. I suspect, though, if he were allowed to just get on with it he would soon, in fact, start wearing clothes again – marching around naked in mid-winter would have that effect on most folks. It’s because he’s been denied what he considers to be a basic right that he persists in forcing the issue, I suspect. Perhaps he should just move to another part of the world where nakedness is part of the culture – some parts of Papua New Guinea, for example. Not only would he be free to roam as he wished but the weather would also be considerably more conducive to such activities.

So, what do readers of the Befouled Weakly News think? Is wandering the countryside whilst wearing no clothes a fundamental human right or not?

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Love to you all,