10 August 2014

Another good to terrific week of weather! We had a bit of rain on Tuesday but not enough to get worked up about and, of course, the gardens need it after our lengthy spell of dry, sunny weather. To be fair when we did get some rain it came in the form of thunderous downpours and the humidity has been on the overly-generous scale but, on the whole, a very good week.

Having said all that, the forecasters are suggesting that we will pick up the tail end of Hurricane Bertha which they expect to dump up to a month’s worth of rain in a few hours later today!

There is the potential for widespread rainfall totals of more than 50mm and coastal gusts of over 60 mph, along with large waves,” said the Met. “However, the system may pass harmlessly to the south of the country or spread heavy rain even further north, and the public are advised to keep up to date with warnings.”

The average rainfall for the whole of August in England is 69mm.

I’m not sure if it was Hurricane Bertha or some other meteorological phenomenon but those of you who are Facebook friends with my brother Sandy’s wife Pam will know – they had a devastating storm at Lake George on Tuesday (I think) which took out about twenty trees on our property. Fortunately, no one was injured and there was no significant property damage (I gather) apart from a tree (or limb) coming down on a car belonging to the renters at the Ritz. As my father wrote earlier in the week, “I am certainly glad it was this year, if it had to be, rather than last year.” Me too! This time last year the whole of the Stragnell clan was gathered at the Lake for XCstravaganza, a celebration of my father’s 90th birthday. If it had been this year we would have been busily helping to clear up rather than indulging ourselves and enjoying all that Lake George has to offer!

The following photos are from Pam, my niece Carol and/or our friend Stephen White – not sure who took which so apologies for the lack of attribution. In particular, those of you who have had the wonderful experience of enjoying the cleansing delight of one of Sandy’s saunas will be sad to see the state of Sauna Point. As Carol said, every sauna Sandy ever had, going back to 1973, those trees were there. Now they’re gone.

Fortunately, trees have a habit of growing back and, in the every cloud has a silver lining department, at least it’s not quite as denuded as in the following photo taken in 1886.

The Peter Pan - 1886

It’s amazing how preparing to sell one’s house can focus the mind. We’ve been here for 17 1/2 years and in that time we have had wires protruding from the corner of most of the downstairs rooms and wires hanging at the front and back doors. These were installed when the house was built for an intruder alarm. We’ve managed all that time without one but who wants to buy a house with wires hanging out of the walls? So, coming up to the decision to sell I have this week started fitting the motion sensors and proximity switches that will make the intruder alarm operable. Better late than never?

Finally, I ran across this Jacques Tati short film in the Guardian the other day. (Sorry I can’t embed it – you’ll need to click the link). It is, apparently, a film made a couple of years before his film debut proper (Jour de Fête) and is entitled L’Ecole des Facteurs (School for Postmen). It’s about making the French postal delivery system more efficient – perhaps our recently privatised (i.e., stolen) postal service could learn a lesson or two since the selling off has resulted in, already, a poorer service with rural post offices being closed and/or amalgamated, services reduced and sky-rocketing rates. Enjoy!

And finally, finally, why does anyone need 81,850 documents? That’s the number of documents from the My Documents folder on my “old” computer which my “new” computer is busily in the process of transferring – according to Windows it’s going to take three days!

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  1. So good to talk to you and Penny yesterday! I do like it better with the email reminding me to stay connected! I need all the help I can get! 🙂 THANK YOU…..LOVE YOU…..

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