1 December 2013

Good morning to you all and especially to those of you in the States in your post-Thanksgiving bloatedness. I hope the festivities were grand and the food excellent. We’ve had a pretty tame week all told – a bit of rain, a bit of frost, a bit of sun, a bit of fog and a lot of cloudy, overcast days. Pretty normal then.

Thank you to those of you who very thoughtfully remembered our anniversary with cards, flowers, phone calls, e-mails and Facebook postings! You’re very sweet. Since we had been away to Norfolk the previous week, we didn’t do anything special. However, while we were shopping in Tesco Penny asked me what I would like for our anniversary supper. Talk about being put on the spot! Which of my sweetheart’s many fabulous meals should I request. After some consideration, the decision was made – Tesco had whole rainbow trout at half price! “I think I would like the trout with mushrooms in Pernod you make,” I replied. And my goodness, it was good!

Two of the better anniversary cards we received – click for a larger version.

Happy Anniversary Happy Anniveersary

Last Friday was one of those days. Penelope awoke and wanted to carry out an online transaction. However, she couldn’t find her business credit card. I awoke and set about making preparations to take the dog on her morning constitutional but I couldn’t find my dog-walking jacket. Penelope searched her car, her desk and every pocket of every coat and jacket she possesses; I searched my car, the coat rack (Penny is always hiding it there instead of leaving it on the banister where it belongs), the dressing room, the lounge – everywhere. No jacket was there to be found; no credit card materialised!

It reminded me of the time we were burgled in Radway – as the household awoke and began to get ready for the day, there were numerous items which seemed to be missing. Ben’s new leather jacket couldn’t be found and Pen’s handbag had similarly gone astray.

Only slowly did it dawn on us that we had been burgled in the night. With hindsight, it was somewhat amusing – it was a warm summer evening and one of the kitchen windows had been left slightly ajar, mainly to allow the smell from the litter of puppies we had at the time to dissipate. The amusing part is that the thieves clambered through the kitchen window even though, at that time, we never locked the front door. Of course, we assumed that the pair of dogs would alert us and scare off any intruders. Ha! They either slept soundly or, more likely, gave the miscreants a vigorous lick as they climbed over the kitchen sink and into the house.

This past Friday, though, there were no burglars just a couple of incompetents. Penny had been into town the previous day and had been to the bank to deposit a cheque using one of the automated machines. She either left her card behind in the machine or dropped it as she left, pushing her mother in the wheelchair. Fortunately, someone handed it into the bank and we were able to retrieve it after Pen was able to identify herself to the bank’s satisfaction.

The case of the missing jacket was also easily resolved once I had searched the entire house and been through all forty-seven jackets hanging up in the front hall. I had visited a school the previous day and, dummy that I am, I had happily walked out without it. A quick phone call to the school in question confirmed that it had been left and that they would keep it safe for me to collect whenever I am next in the vicinity.

What are we like? And, I gather it only gets worse with age!

No rant this week just a continuation of the on-going saga of those hordes of foreigners who flock to the UK to take advantage of our overly-generous benefit system. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has proposed some tough, new restrictions on emigrants from Eastern Europe, especially those from Bulgaria and Romania. The amusing thing is that, as we’ve mentioned before, there is no such thing as benefit tourism and most of the “tough, new” restrictions he is proposing are already in place. So, why make such a big deal about it? It’s all political spin designed to appeal to the loony right.

David Cameron has proposed a series of phantom measures to combat a phantom problem.

Steve Bell’s take:

Cameron is an idiot

For those who don’t know, Nigel Farage is the leader of UKIP, the far-right loonies who are even loonier than the far right of the Conservative party. Cameron is worried that his right-wing will defect to UKIP in the next election and so he needs to appear to be as loony as they are. Which, to be fair, doesn’t appear to be particularly difficult for him.

Love to you all,