26 May 2013

My goodness, we have had miserable, miserable weather over this past week. It’s been cold, grey, windy and wet. On Friday we had gale force winds, heavy showers and plummeting temperatures and frankly, we are getting a bit fed up, I can tell you. It’s the end of May for goodness sake! To be fair, yesterday we actually saw some sunshine and the forecast for today is similarly supposed to be half-decent. From there, though, it’s a steady downhill slide as far into the coming days as the long-term weather forecast goes. Hmm. Several weeks of warm sunny skies, a light breeze with plenty of opportunities for the occasional picnic in the park is more what I had in mind.

Snow at the GiroOur weather is bad enough – the cyclists in the Giro d’Italia (and all those poor, hardworking Gregarios) are having an even worse time than we are. The weather was so bad that Friday’s stage was cancelled – the first time they’ve had to cancel a stage in the Giro in about ten years. The organisers had already decided to shorten the route and avoid the highest peak but the weather continued to deteriorate and they finally were forced to abandon the stage all together. The stage would have taken the riders over the highest point of this year’s Giro at 2783m but snow blizzards and a temperature of -20 degrees C (with the wind chill) persuaded the organisers that perhaps this stage was best left un-cycled.

Appalling weather aside, we are looking forward to some excitement in the days and weeks ahead. On Tuesday, in celebration of Penelope’s birthday, we are off to London to see the Pompeii and Herculaneum exhibition at the British Museum (I know, I really know how to show a girl a good time). Then, we’ll have a bit of late lunch and a mosey around and then back home again. Maybe the weather will co-operate.

We’re also looking forward to the arrival of our good friends, the Boyntons – Chip and Leca with their youngest son, Mark. We’ve imposed on them several times in the past and they finally decided to collect some long overdue reciprocal hospitality. They arrive next Sunday and will stay for a few days during which time we undoubtedly will endure a few outings and adventures. Perhaps I should be warning them to retrieve their thermal underwear from deep storage and bring it along.

TattooOne of the events we shall, unfortunately, not be able to attend is the Great British Tattoo Show which is being held this weekend in London. (A word of warning to my mother – some of the photos on the site are a bit risqué. So, proceed at your own risk). Speaking of which, I ran across this Turtle tattoo on the interweb somewhere and I immediately thought that this might be just the tattoo I need to get. It would certainly be an improvement over the cheap products advertised and promoted by the Toupee brothers.

I ran across this time lapse sequence of the construction of One World Trade Center a couple of weeks ago. It’s not the greatest time lapse sequence I’ve ever seen but it’s still quite fun.

[iframe http://embedded-video.guardianapps.co.uk/?a=false&u=/world/video/2013/may/11/one-world-trade-centre-build-time-lapse-video 100% 518px]

And finally, a clip from the BBC nature series Walk on the Wild Side. This clip (and others like it) have been around for a while and I’ve probably shared it previously but it still makes me chuckle.


And finally, finally, an article describing the results of a survey caught my eye – apparently 57% of women would rather give up sex for a week than have to do without their smartphone for a similar period. Thank goodness Penelope does not possess a smartphone and therefore doesn’t have to address this particular dilemma. She has a cheap and cheerful cell phone which is great at making phone calls but doesn’t do any of the other “smart” stuff that phones can do these days, much to her relief. Since it’s not switched on most of the time I guess she would be happy to do without it for a week rather than do without me (I hope so anyway).

Love to you all,