21 April 2013

la Mercat de la BoqueriaHola, y buenas dias! We’re just back from our short break in Barcelona where we had a fantastic time. The weather was fabulous, the wine was delicious and the tapas a treat.

I was astounded and mightily relieved to discover that those scraps of Spanish I learned all those years ago were still rattling around in my increasingly empty brain and were able to find their way out once in a while. Or, at any rate the locals, always very friendly and helpful, nodded knowingly, rolled their eyes and replied in perfect English to just about anything I asked.

Is it just me or does anyone else remember memorising?

Hola, Isabel.  Como estás?
Estoy bien, gracias.  Y tu?
Bien, gracias.  Oye, quien es ese chico?
Es un amigo mio.
Como se llama?
Se llama Juan.  Ven y te lo presento.  Juan, quiero presentarte a un amigo.
Mucho gusto.
El gusto es mio.  Soy Juan Martinez.
Donde vas ahora, Juan?
A la clase de Espanol.
Ah, tu estudias Espanol.  Nosotros, tambien
Bueno.  Vamos a clase.

Sorry about the lack of appropriate accents and no, I don’t remember all of it – only about the first five or six lines – but I well remember sitting in the back of the class in, I think, Sixth Grade reciting this litany. That and singing lustily about the antics of the poor La Cucaracha not being able to walk due to being under the influence of  marihuana pa’ fumar.

Not enough time to provide a full travelogue so you’ll have to make do with some of the least bad photos here.

Love to you all,



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    1. You’re quite right – the biblioteca certainly featured somewhere but I think they didn’t go there until their third or fourth date.

    1. I’ve just found this snippet:

      Donde es Maria?
      Es en la biblioteca.

      So maybe Juan was double-timing Isabel with Maria in la biblioteca?

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