17 March 2013

My God was it cold on Monday! (And the rest of the week wasn’t a lot better). We had a bitterly, biting north wind which brought a return of the very unwelcome and completely unnecessary, winter weather. The snow consisted of tiny, tiny flakes, rather like miniscule polystyrene balls which came racing at you in a horizontal gale-force wind, biting your face like a myriad of midges as it pestered you with a vengeance. Even the dog was not keen – on our afternoon walk she shot ahead like a rocket, in contrast to her normal sluggish and unhurried meanderings, desperate to get home again.

We had a lovely day on Sunday. As I mentioned last time, it was Mothering Sunday in the UK and Nick and Lucy decided that they would cook us (well, Penny actually but I was invited along as well) a fantastic Sunday roast in which we were also joined by Pen’s folks. Annabelle ensured that everyone was suitably entertained and the meal was outstanding. So good that we ate it in record time!


Annabelle's HatsAt some point during the afternoon, Annabelle discovered one of Penny’s winter hats and, as she is very keen on hats at the moment, decided to put it on. Naturally everyone declared that this was very cute and then Pen suggested that she [Annabelle] was very fortunate that she had not yet discovered Grandpa’s filthily disgusting baseball hat. So, obviously, I had to get it for her. I’ve uploaded a gallery of some of the “least bad” photos here.

Facebook Unfriend ToolI don’t normally pay much attention to the various advertisements which appear when I am working with my Gmail account. It’s like most advertising, I guess – it’s just “noise” and now, after several years of using Gmail, I simply don’t notice them. This one, for some reason however, caught my eye – a free Facebook tool that shows me who has “unfriended” me. My question – since I have so few friends anyway, how would I know if someone had “unfriended” me and why would I care?

From the “Every cloud has a silver lining” department – an article in the Guardian this week on how consumers are reacting to the horsemeat scandal. Nearly a quarter of shoppers surveyed said that they were buying fewer ready meals with meat, the sector where horsemeat has been found most frequently. Given that the ready meals are also one of the more significant contributors to the growing obesity problem in the UK, that’s no bad thing. Interesting, though, that it’s the threat of unwittingly ingesting horsemeat that has put them off rather than the impact such processed foods have on their waistline and general health.

I ran across a clip on the BBC site which I found quite fun and which reminded me, in a vague sort of way, of Sandy’s art. This guy works mainly in wood and makes fun, quirky objects.

And finally, in recognition of the International day of action for rivers and against dams which took place this week, the Guardian posted a little river and dam-related quiz online. Have a go and see if you know your Mississippi from your Mekong. You must be able to do better than I did – I only got six right and three of those were complete guesses.

And finally, finally, I discovered that this coming Wednesday, 20 March, is International Happiness Day. Penelope and I are happy most days but we will certainly commemorate the occasion, probably in a manner similar to that depicted below.

International Happiness Day

And speaking of commemorating special occasions, we hope you all have a wonderful St Patrick’s Day.

Love to you all,