7 October 2012 – Amusements

Researchers at Yale University say that chocolate may be good for pregnant women. However, they say it is not necessarily good for women who just look pregnant.

A very refined young man comes to a small food shop and sees fruit. “Give me two kilograms of oranges and wrap every orange up in a separate piece of paper, please.” he says to the saleswoman. She does it.

“And three kilograms of cherries, please, and wrap up every berry in a separate piece of paper, too.” She does.

“And what is it there,” he asks pointing out at something dark in the corner.

“Raisins,” says the saleswoman, “but they’re not for sale.”

An American businessman in Glasgow walked into a restaurant and asked the waitress what the special was. “Roast and rice,” the Scottish miss replied in a heavy brogue.

“You certainly do roll your R’s,” the businessman observed.

“I suppose,” she giggled, beginning to blush, “but only when I wear high heels.”