8 July 2012

RainThere was a television programme a few years back called “The Fast Show” which our English readership will remember. One of the recurring sketches each week was the appearance of Jesse who pronounced on various topics. This unkempt, dishevelled tramp would emerge from a dilapidated shed and announce that this week he had been mostly eating . . .  boiled cabbage or Brussels sprouts, etc.

So, in fond memory of (and with apologies to) a pleasant enough comedy programme:

This week we have mostly been having . . . RAIN!

On Friday we had the latest batch of flood warnings and the long-term forecast for our area shows rain, rain and then some more rain – every day for the coming week or as long into the future as they think they can reliably predict. And this after having had rain more or less every day (bar the odd one or two) for the past three or four weeks. It really is getting tedious now.

You will be as surprised as we were to hear that Bob Diamond, the head of Barclays Bank, has finally resigned, a day or two after he declared that he had no intention of doing so. Of course, he is still insisting that he knew nothing about the efforts to “fix” the London and European interest rates at the height of the banking crisis, in spite of being in charge of the department concerned. It’s unclear at this point how many kajillions of pounds he will receive for finally, having been dragged kicking and screaming to be sure, falling on his sword.

The Government’s response has been quite interesting and it seems clear that party politics seem to be more important than getting to the truth (so, what else is new?). The current government blames the last government for its lax approach to banking regulation. However, now that the banker’s friends are running the show they’ve shown no inclination to do much of anything about strengthening those same lax regulations. Indeed, Osborne (the tit, Chancellor of the Exchequer) has even claimed that ministers in the previous government knew about and approved of Barclays (and other banks, it seems) flouting the rules. Labour, of course, denies the claims (they knew nothing!) and have called for a judicial enquiry, i.e., one held with a judge presiding where testimony is given under oath and witnesses are questioned by lawyers. Surprisingly, the current government is resisting that idea and has instead set up a Parliamentary enquiry where there are no lawyers and one is not questioned under oath. Hmm, it makes you think, doesn’t it – who has more to hide?

Interesting article (to me, anyway) in the Guardian on Friday about the education minister, Michael Gove, burying a report which seemed to suggest that the Building Schools for the Future project, which he axed within a few weeks of the Coalition coming to power, actually achieved better results in terms of raising achievement than his pet project of establishing “Free” schools and academies. It seems that, once again, party politics gets in the way of doing the right thing.

Adrian Raeside has come up with another cartoon which certainly captures our Molly’s attitude to life these days:

Brutal Day

And finally, a time-lapse video from Nick of our favourite girl shopping ‘til she drops.



Love to you all,



One thought on “8 July 2012”

  1. Dear Greg and Penny,
    The Vidio of Nick’s baby on a shopping trip, and run at high speed is a riot!!! Did Mama buy all she needed? In my day, I don’t think baby strollers were allowed in the stores – but I remember chasing toddler Ken ( and very pregnant with Dean) all over the store. That kid could run off faster than a rocket. I often had to give up on completing what was on my shopping list because I was done in. Oh, not Ken!
    It seems that the parliamentary democracy and our U.S. form of “democracy” have much in common. Little is changed to reform the system because of political interests. And now, we (U.S. ) has added a Supreme Court law of the land which gives corporations the same right to give contributions to political candidates as individuals, and look at the billions going to try to buy an election. My God! Love you and the Blog! Bunny

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