22 April 2012

More April showers this week followed by sunny intervals followed by more and more April showers! Good job there’s a water shortage so that we can keep hold of all this water. Oh, I forgot – most of the rain is making its way into the rivers and streams and cascading its way merrily to the sea. Hosepipe bans for the indefinite future, I guess.

We saw our first swallows of the season at the reservoir last Sunday – a couple of “scouts” skimming the surface catching bugs and/or having a sip of water. We’ve not spotted any inspecting our available units yet but no doubt we’ll have a queue of prospective tenants any time now. Clearly we will have to inspect their references and take their security deposit but no doubt we’ll find a few suitable young couples. It’s always nice to see them back after their winter vacation in the sun.

The Swallows Return

The new shower is a dream and we’re very pleased. I have to say, it’s very, very sophisticated and clearly way too sophisticated for the likes of us. It’s all digital these days – no tap to turn to initiate the flow – it’s all controlled by a button which has a lovely blue light; when the light is flashing the water is not yet up to temperature – when the light stays on the water temperature is perfection. Press the button again and the water stops – it’s magic!

I took a photography course on Monday which was “interesting”. I tend to think of myself as a relative novice when it comes to photography but I discovered, as the day wore on, that I actually know quite a bit. (Pity about the inability to apply any of this knowledge). The woman who ran the show is a professional photographer who apparently specialises in weddings (doesn’t everyone?). She “normally” charges £200 per person per day which I have to say would be an enormous rip-off if anyone actually paid that amount. What she does is to list her courses through Groupon offering them at £30. Certainly the course was just about worth £30; equally certainly it wasn’t worth £200. I learned one or two “new” things (or at least things that I was aware of but hadn’t yet taken the opportunity to play with). The value of the course for me was being able to spend a day doing nothing apart from playing with the various settings on the camera. It’s not going to make my photos any better, I don’t imagine but at least I should know what I’m doing wrong!

Flower Oil Seed

As we prepare for this year’s version of the great New England Restaurant Ramble (we leave for Boston/Hanover/Huletts on Tuesday), I came across an article in the Guardian which I hope will be useful – Dieting: A Pot-Bellied History. Not sure the Bile Beans are for me but the “skin-macerating rubber knickers” sound like fun.

Love to you all,