18 December 2011

Good morning to you all.

Friday brought us our first snow of the year. We had been expecting it and, indeed, the weather forecasters ensured we anticipated its arrival all week as they told us every night on the evening news of the huge, low pressure system which was trundelling its way across the Atlantic. It certainly brought very high, gale force winds particularly to Scotland and the northwest and was predicted to dump horrific quantities of snow on everyone. You will be surprised to learn that the apocalyptic predictions turned out to be somewhat wide of the mark, especially in our region. We got what, in old measurements, would be called a “smattering” – the amount of snow which is too small to measure but which you know is there because the green of the grass has a slight white tinge to it in the morning.

I know that most of you are “friends” with Lucy on Facebook but not everyone is so I thought I would include the priceless photograph of our granddaughter at her first encounter with Father Christmas. Unlike some youngsters we know who screamed throughout the entire meeting or who ran away and hid from this demented fat man covered with beard fur, Annabelle took the whole episode in her stride – she slept through it. I gather, however, that she did convey a wish via her mother – it seems she wished for lots and lots of lovely, lovely, long sleep-filled nights.

Annabelle Meets Santa

We had a great time in London (again) on Saturday – when do we not have a great time whenever we venture up to the big city? This time we were meeting up with our friends Sue and Stuart and Dave and Sue for our sometimes annual occasional often about Christmas time theatre outing. This year it was Les Miserables which, although we’ve seen it before, was good fun. We really must make the effort and go up more often in the coming year – there is so much to see and do and it only takes just over an hour on the train. Shame that the train fare requires us to take out a small mortgage whenever we want to go.

The votes are in! I’m referring, of course, to last week’s poll on when should one fill a car with petrol. An overwhelming majority – 90% – answered “I’m with Greg – I can do without the stress. I fill up before the little light even comes on.” Only one person sided with Penelope’s point of view. Of course, one could argue that 90% of us have no sense of adventure but it’s good to know that most of you, like me, would prefer not to run out of petrol in the Northamptonshire countryside.

Finally, before we forget (again) we need to wish a belated “Happy Birthday” to Donna and Rod. Hope you both had great days.

And finally, finally, I ran across a piece on Japanese lunch boxes on the BBC web site the other day and it got me to thinking, why doesn’t Penelope do this for my lunch? Have a look and see if you don’t agree that I should be entitled to expect similar works of art.

Love to you all,


2 thoughts on “18 December 2011”

  1. Two hours to fix a kindergartner’s Bento Box! Sounds like a method of birth control to me! Just the thought of packing more than one or two Bento Boxes is a frightening thought! Imagine the competition: “Masami’s Panda was fatter than mine” or “Shezui had three (cartoon characters) in her Bento Box.” How could a mother live up to it?

  2. My deepest apologies…my first post should have been about that perfectly beautiful baby Santa is eyeing! Our Annabelle is gorgeous! Good work, Lucy and Nick!

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