20 November 2011

Good morning to you all.

It’s been a busy, busy week and that’s without any grand parenting duties – I actually had to do a bit of proper work. Yes, believe it or not, I actually had to go out into a couple of schools and work with teaching staff, administrative staff, headteachers and senior management teams helping them keep up with their Learning Platform. Every single day of the week! (Apart from Friday, of course).

And, as if that wasn’t enough, on Thursday evening I had to do two launches to parents to introduce them to their school’s Learning Platform and demonstrate the benefits it would bring to them as well as their children.

I tell you – it’s been exhausting! Especially when one is used to working for the occasional twenty minutes one or two afternoons a week.

Not only have I been so “busy” all week, but I’ve also had a cold which started developing last week and which emerged into a full-blown sore throat and snotty nose on Monday. The cold precluded me from visiting Annabelle on Monday to wish Lucy a happy birthday but I suppose the one good thing to come out of the week: I now have lots of American football matches recorded so that we can continue Annabelle’s essential sports education when she next visits.

I ran across the following cartoon on Saturday morning – it’s from “The Other Coast” by Adrian Raeside. Naturally, it reminded me of our Molly and her propensity to bark more or less continuously.

The Dog Whisperer

Molly has always been a bit of a barker. She barks when the doorbell rings (which is actually quite handy on the occasions when we don’t hear the bell) and she barks in greeting to any and all dogs she meets when out on her walks.

Now, however, as she becomes increasingly deaf and sight-impaired, she barks at almost anything and everything. Of course, all this is just saying “Hello” while all the time her tail is wagging. It’s clearly a fraternal greeting, “Hey! How are you? Haven’t seen you for a while. How’s the wife and family? How about those Yankees? Been anywhere nice recently? Have you smelt the rotting compost at the end of the lane? It’s terrific and, if you’re interested, there’s a dead fish on the far side of the reservoir which is perfect for rolling in. Anyway, better go. Good to see you!”

But now that she isn’t seeing as well these days, she barks at everything, particularly if it moves but sometimes she can have a lengthy conversation with an inanimate object. On Saturday morning as we made our way around the recreation ground she starting barking with vigorous enthusiasm at the man painting the chalk lines on the football pitch for the morning’s matches. As she barks, tail wagging, she trots off to greet this long-lost friend only to realise, when she gets within about twenty metres or so that it is not a fellow canine she has been greeting so enthusiastically but an inanimate line-drawing machine being propelled by a completely uninterested humanoid.

I wonder – do dogs have the same sense of embarrassment as we do when they bound up to someone (or something) they think they know only to realise that it’s someone (or thing) completely different?

The Goat at three weeksThe “goat” continues to develop and I should thank again everyone who has so kindly donated to the Movember prostate cancer research charity. A couple have asked for a photo so here is the latest – there are a couple more on my Movember page.

I am beginning to get a bit concerned, however. Ms Playchute keeps making comments such as, “Hmmm. That’s not too bad.” or “Actually, that’s looking quite nice.” or, even worse, “Yes! That makes you look quite distinguished!”

I have to tell you, “distinguished” is not an adjective which is normally applied to me and, given that 95% of the time I wear a crappy sweater (I love it but Penny absolutely hates it) which is splattered with last week’s food and several weeks’ worth of dirt and grime, I’m not sure that it’s a particularly accurate description either.

Much love to you all,




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  1. I never said ‘distinguished’ – he lied!! It is growing on me however (or him….)

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