23 October 2011

Good morning to you all. Let’s see what’s happened this week? Hmmm. I’m trying to remember. I’m sure there was something which happened this week that I was going to tell you all about but for some reason I’m struggling to remember what it was.

Oh well, perhaps it will come back to me.

Annabelle KatrinaOh, that’s right – now I remember! Annabelle Katrina Stragnell arrived on Tuesday about 4.30 in the morning and, I’m afraid to say, there has never been a more beautiful baby. As you would suspect, she is absolutely gorgeous with a wonderful temperament and also, obviously, extraordinarily intelligent. Within a matter of moments she had learned that a brief squawk and wail will solicit attention and probably some food.

As most of you will know, Annabelle was a bit tardy in arriving – she had been due on 3 October but, as we’ve said before, it’s a woman’s prerogative to be late. So, on Monday Lucy was admitted to Warwick Hospital to be “induced” to give birth and the result was Miss Annabelle’s arrival early on Tuesday morning.

Interesting word.

INDUCE – to move by persuasion or influence; to call forth or bring about by influence or stimulation.

Well, I don’t think Lucy needed any persuasion to produce this child but I guess perhaps Annabelle needed persuading that it was safe to come out? At any rate, they are all well and back at home settling into their new routine.

And, for those of you who do not have access to Nick and Lucy’s Facebook pages, a gallery of some photos they posted yesterday. Click an image for a larger version.

You’ll all be relieved to know that grandmother and grandfather are coping well with the new arrival.

The HelpAnd, if that weren’t enough excitement for one day, as well as the arrival of our first grandchild, Tuesday also brought another free movie preview courtesy of our satellite provider. Grandma Penelope and I went down to Oxford to see The Help which was good fun. If you’ve not seen it or read the book, it’s the story of a young aspiring author in Jackson, Mississippi during the civil rights movement who decides to write a book from the African American maid’s perspective about the white families they work for. I don’t imagine it’s going to win any Oscars but it was well done and good fun.

And, of course, I had secured a voucher for a discount on our meal afterwards. As I’ve said before, boy do I know how to show a girl a good time!

And finally, I ran across an article in the Guardian on Friday which summarised an investigation very near to my heart: is reading on the loo bad for you? As one who spends an inordinate amount of time reading in the loo, I was relieved with the conclusion that reading on the loo is not, in fact, dangerous to one’s health. Whew!

Love to you all,