16 October 2011

Not much this week – pretty ordinary stuff. Weather has been tolerable and, to be fair, the tail end of the week was reasonably pleasant – a bit crisp and autumnal but at least dry and bright at times.

I am writing this on Friday morning as we are uncertain, at this stage, what the weekend holds. We are due to travel to the south coast to visit our friends Sue and Stuart for part of the Brighton Comedy Festival and the plan was/is to see Reginald D Hunter, an American stand-up comedian who is very well known over here. I don’t know if he lives here full time (I think he might) but he is a regular fixture on a number of British shows including one of our favourites, Have I Got News for You.

The reason we don’t know at this stage what we shall be doing this weekend is that we are, of course, still awaiting the arrival of our first grandchild (as of 11.26 on Friday morning) who is now about ten or eleven days behind schedule. No worries – it’s a woman’s prerogative to be late.

I was talking with the Headteacher of one of the schools I work with about our excitement at the impending arrival of our first grandchild and I mentioned that she was, at that stage, several days “late.” She (the Headteacher) said that clearly she (our granddaughter) had inherited my “laid back” approach to things. I immediately challenged her by asking if she was suggesting that I am always late to which she assured me that was not what she meant but rather than I was decidedly relaxed about most things. I guess that’s a compliment?

So, we shall be delaying our decision on whether to go to Brighton or not until Saturday morning by which time there would be insufficient opportunity to throw some nonsense together in time for Sunday’s press date.

I have to confess to not being entirely sure what the various factors or criteria are that will or will not influence our decision. Clearly we want to be on hand when the grandchild arrives if only to offer to boil lots of towels and sheets and then ultimately to introduce ourselves. But apart from that, I’m sure that I will be as useful on this occasion as I was at the birth of each of my own children, i.e., not very useful at all.

We’ll see and, of course, you’ll know as soon as we do, I dare say.

I had to hold over two things from last week and promised I would remember to include them this week.

The first involved a “Killer” Curry Competition which resulted in the hospitalisation of two of the contestants. As well as the two who were taken to hospital, a number of other diners suffered vomiting and severe stomach pain and some passed out. I did enjoy what the competition “winner” had to say:

Competition winner Beverly Jones, 53, from Newington, Edinburgh, said she suffered agonising stomach cramps after completing the three-round challenge.

“You had to eat the whole bowl and I finished the lot. I wouldn’t recommend it. Five minutes later I was in the toilet. It was not a nice experience. I was sick. Every participant was sick. I’m not going to defend my title next year.”

You can read all the rest of the details here.

I also said I would share the You Tube clip of a young man cycling from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye which, I think, was sent along to Penny by J. Why one would want to do all this instead of just cycling and enjoying the scenery I’m not sure but it’s pretty amazing what he can make his bike do. Enjoy.

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  1. It’s amazing stuff. Danny MacAskill also appeared in a recent piece made as part of a four film collaboration between urban sports stars and film makers. I think the whole thing was televised as ‘Concrete Circus’. In one of the other films, featuring free running or ‘parkour’ my friend’s brother ‘Blue’ is one of the featured runners.

    Have a look at what he does about 55 seconds into this clip:

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