8 May 2011

Welcome home!

So, here we are, home again in beautiful downtown Byfield after a wonderfully enjoyable and agreeable ten days in Hanover, Huletts Landing and Boston.

When last we “spoke” I was relating how delighted I was to be able to provide additional driving opportunities for Dad as we drove to Huletts and then straight back to Hanover to have my eyes checked at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock emergency room. Having been given the “all-clear” we set off back to Huletts on Sunday and enjoyed one of the nicest days I have ever had the privilege of seeing at the Lake. Sandy and I spent early Sunday evening “fishing” (I say “fishing” but in truth Sandy fished and I pretended to know what I was doing by following his instructions as carefully as I was able). Unfortunately, we caught nothing but we were more than compensated for our efforts – the Lake was stunningly beautiful. At dinner that evening Sandy laughed and said to Pam that I had been faced with a problem with which he and she are abundantly familiar – which of the 8,000 potentially fantastic photos do you take? I resolved that particular dilemma by taking all 8,000. (You can see a slideshow of some of the least bad ones here).

Lake George

We drove back to Hanover on Tuesday, I enjoyed a few more days with Dad and Mom (both of whom were in fine form, I have to say) as well as the splendid hospitality and accommodation of Chez Stragnanza. Then, on Thursday morning I hopped aboard the Dartmouth Coach and made my way to Boston to spend some time with my good friend and college housemate Chip Boynton and his lovely wife Leca.

Sometime ago, Chip had foolishly e-mailed me with the proposal that the next time I was travelling through Boston we should try to catch a Red Sox game at Fenway. Little did he know that the next time I would be travelling through Boston would be in a few weeks.

Chip and Greg at Fenway
Chip and Greg at Fenway

Now, I know this will come as a surprise to one or two of you but I do enjoy watching the occasional baseball game, I am a “fan” of the Red Sox (of course, I am a lifelong Los Angeles Dodger supporter but, in the American League my allegiance is with the Red Sox), and I would probably have done almost anything to be able to attend a game at Fenway Park. So, I immediately e-mailed him back with the relevant dates and Thursday afternoon found the two of us sitting about twelve rows back from the field about half way between home plate and third base. It was a wonderful experience – Fenway is a fantastic place to see a baseball game. The stadium is very tight and intimate with a wonderful atmosphere which is somewhat absent in the newer stadia I think. The only disappointment of the day was in the result – the Angels absolutely spanked the Red Sox, thrashing them 11 – 0.

Chip had to work on Friday morning but in the afternoon we meandered into Boston and wandered around some of the sights. Feeling a bit peckish by about 3.00 we found our way to Neptune’s Oyster Bar where we consumed a plethora of oysters from all over – and delicious they were too. A bit more wandering brought us to an early dinner at Dante’s restaurant where Chip’s eldest son Chas is the sommelier. He looked after us wonderfully well, organised our menu and then, because it was a bit quiet so early in the evening, he joined us for dinner. OMG! The food was sensational – if you are a glutton for punishment, check out their menu and, when you are next in Boston I can heartily recommend it.

Having feasted like kings, Chip drove me the fifteen minutes or so to Logan and the flight home. A good, smooth more or less on-time flight brought me to Heathrow where the lovely Penelope was waiting with open arms.

And so, another great visit to the great Northeast comes to a conclusion. It was wonderful to see Mom and Dad, Sandy and Pam, Steph, Hope and Greg and Chip, Leca and Chas. On the other hand, Penny spotted an article in yesterday’s Guardian which suggests that I might have come home from Boston a day early – the SlutWalk march in Boston was yesterday afternoon.

Love to you all,




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  1. The lake looks so different – and beautiful…. what about photos of the people you visited (besides Chip)?

    1. Ah, well that’s a bit of a sore point with Ms Playchute – I somehow neglected to take any photos of any people and, of course, I also didn’t take the one of Chip and me! I have been suitably admonished and feel comprehensively stupid!

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