20 March 2011

A Spring DaffodilSo, Spring arrived yesterday and glorious it was too. After a frosty start, it was bright, clear and pleasantly warm – 12 degrees Celsius (just under 54 degrees in old money). The sun shone, the birds sang, tiny flying insects buzzed (where do they all come from in such a short period of time) and the neighbourhood was deafened by the sound of dozens of lawn mowers.

Naturally, at the first sign of decent weather, Ms Playchute decided that yesterday was the day to drain the pond and attack the garden. So, she spent most of the daylight hours toiling away and I offered token physical support (but a huge quantity of moral support). In spite of my better judgement, I did mow the lawn at her request (I think there must be a European directive against indulging in such activities so early in year but when one’s sweetheart makes a request…).

We had a great time on Sunday and Monday with the Jelliffes and are looking forward to a bit more fun and excitement later on today. As we said last time, John, Priscilla and the kids are in the UK for about twelve days visiting friends in Wolverhampton and Kenilworth as well as doing a bit of sight-seeing. (I know what you’re thinking – Wolverhampton?) They were with us on Sunday and Monday and then went their merry way; later this morning we are meeting up with them at the Black Country Museum and they’ll be back with us for a bit more before heading home later in the week.

The Jelliffes at Edgecote House
The Jelliffes at Edgecote House
The Jelliffes at Edgecote Mill
The Jelliffes (and Penny and Molly) at Edgecote Mill

I was interested in a couple of Daylight Savings Time-related stories I ran across recently. Just the other day, there was an article on the Time web site concerning the effects of Daylight Savings Time. It seems that DST may actually be harmful to your health, according to a couple of studies!

If that wasn’t sufficient to persuade everyone that DST is stupid, the Russians have decided, very sensibly on the face of it, to abandon Daylight Savings Time altogether. The only slightly bewildering aspect of their decision, however, is that they’ve actually added their extra hour this spring but they won’t be reverting in the autumn. In other words, they seem to be going for permanent Daylight Savings Time. As a result, some Russian cities will apparently now be two hours ahead of the time their location would warrant. Absolutely barking mad!

Woof! Woof!

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  1. How hard do you think it would be to get the country to adopt a permanent day light savings practice in the US? I’m with the Russians!

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