2 January 2011

Good morning and Happy New Year to you all! Penelope and I celebrated by welcoming the New Year in Prague, Athens, Bucharest, Istanbul, Beirut, Cairo and Damascus, not to mention Helsinki, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius as well as Jerusalem and Minsk. And a splendid celebration it was too!

You will have noticed (probably) that the New Year brings a “new” blogging environment; from henceforth all future editions of the Befouled Weakly News will be posted here. The only difference is that we are now using a WordPress template which provides an opportunity for readers to comment on the postings as well as a relatively easy way to search through the archives. I’m not satisfied with the current “theme” yet (the general layout) so you may see some changes in the weeks/months to come but you can rest assured that the content will remain as tediously dull as previously.

What a difference a week makes! This time last week we were enduring freezing Arctic conditions with mountains of snow; this week we are positively basking in almost tropical temperatures. Well, perhaps not quite tropical but definitely and deceptively warmer. That’s what happens when you get a 20 degree temperature swing in a matter of a day or so – the perception is that it’s quite warm when, in fact, it’s still cold! Last week we had temperatures of -15 degrees (Celsius, of course); today the temperature is forecast to reach the lofty heights of +5 degrees C. For those of you working in Fahrenheit, that’s a swing from 5 degrees F to 41 degrees F in a matter of a day or so which, as I say, leaves one with the feeling that it’s tropically balmy outside.

Speaking of warm, tropical, balmy conditions, I ran across an excellent time-lapse sequence of the recent blizzard in the northeast which you can see below (maybe); if not, it’s here.

December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse from Michael Black on Vimeo.

Also, although it’s too late for this year’s celebrations, how about five wacky New Year’s Eve celebrations? Watching the ball drop in Times Square seems so blasé nowadays – don’t you think it would be much more fun to watch a dill pickle, appropriately named Mr Dill, drop from a crane in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania? I don’t know about “wacky” – it seems to me that these folks are probably completed deranged. Judge for yourselves here.

And finally, some great news for those of us who perhaps do not lead quite as healthy a lifestyle as we would like to pretend we do. An article in the Guardian this morning outlines a prescription for 2011 which includes the suggestions that we should aim to be slightly overweight and not exercise too much this year. I’ll certainly buy into that although I was a bit distressed to see that the article suggested that we shouldn’t take the health-giving properties of red wine too seriously! Quel merde!

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      1. Thank goodness you were able to find them! I know that the only reason most people bother reading is to skip straight to the bottom to find the jokes. Now, they are in a separate post and you don’t even have to read the main stuff! Win, win.

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