26 September 2010

Good morning to you all. Boy, did I “mis-speak” the other day when I wrote about the “cold” weather which has moved in. That was nothing! We’ve had rain and wind from the north and the temperatures have plummeted to single figures. Come on! It’s still September!

Ms Playchute received a letter a few weeks ago inviting her to present herself at the Daventry Medical Centre on Thursday for a mammogram. Nothing particularly unusual in that – it’s a regular occurrence – women of a certain age get invited to come along every so often and have their breasts mangled by the NHS’s finest breast mangling machine.

What amused me about the invitation was “the new venue” where the examinations were to take place – Car Park C.

Invitation for mammogram

MangleNow, I know we have a coalition government which is determined to cut public expenditure to the absolute bone (and beyond) but I hadn’t realised that their cuts had already had such an immediate and dramatic impact. The image that came to me was of a dreary, drizzly car park with a long, winding queue of women of all shapes and sizes, naked from the waist up, slowly making their way up to a grubby technician in a white coat sat behind a cheap, formica table. The technician takes their details, gives them a quick visual check and then mangles their breasts in a “new and improved” mammary mangling machine. Hey, there’s a recession on and this is the best we can do!

This got me thinking back to a video I had seen some time ago of an advertisement intended to encourage women to do a self-examination on a regular basis which I thought I would share with you. This is, allegedly, a real advertisement which was supposedly banned in Canada although I’m not convinced I believe it. (I can believe it was a real advertisement; I can’t believe that the Canadians would ban it but what do I know).

And, while searching for that one I ran across the following which is equally amusing, I think.

Still, they both make a serious point in a humourous and memorable way. So, to all the women in my life – either give Cam or those boy scouts a call today. Alternatively, make sure you check yourself on a regular basis!

Lots of pictures today. I ran across the following sports-related cartoons during the week. The first rather sums up Ms Playchute’s attitude to the beginning of the football season; the second the somewhat dubious use of Twitter by athletes.

Football Season


And finally, finally, there was a story on the Guardian web site about the development of the world’s hottest chilli. I suppose the real question is why?

And finally, finally, finally, our heartiest and heartfelt congratulations to Karl and Katie on what we assume (having received no news to the contrary) to be the success of yesterday’s event.

Love to you all,