1 August 2010

Apologies to those of you in the UK and/or the Far East for the late arrival of this week’s edition of the Befouled News. Of course, we are now in beautiful, downtown Huletts Landing (well, in the suburbs at any rate) and we’ve had the occasional distractions as you might imagine.

We flew on Wednesday to New York City and spent a few days there enjoying the sights and sounds. New York City is always grand fun but my goodness, it was hot, hot, hot – absolutely sweltering the first couple of days. The journey from JFK into the city to Ann and Ely’s apartment was one of those experiences you might not like to repeat too often. Dragging two overly-heavy suitcases via the Air Train to the Long Island Railroad in sauna conditions was fun. Then, we had the highly enjoyable task of making our way through the hordes of citizenry and tourists via the subway and shuttle from Penn Station across to Grand Central and then the final subway journey up to 86th Street. By the time we reached the apartment we were both wringing wet and exhausted but glad to be there.

Thursday afternoon we went out to Citi Field for a Mets game – highly enjoyable for me; slightly more tolerable than watching paint dry for Pen. Still, the Mets beat the Cardinals and everyone went home happy (apart, of course, from the considerable number of Cardinal fans). Lovely dinner afterwards at a terrific Mexican restaurant on 2nd Avenue which Jordy and Ching introduced us to the last time we were in the City – Taco Taco. (Speaking of Jordan and Ching, we had written that we were coming for a few days at the end of July; they very quickly [and sensibly] decided that they would rather be in France so we weren’t able to meet up with them this time round). Having enjoyed the sweltering conditions in the City, I’m not now so convinced that they were trying to avoid us – just the heat.

Friday, it actually started to cool off a bit; it went from absolutely, positively sweltering to merely oppressively hot and humid. We did some tourist stuff which we’ve never done before – we joined the heaving masses of humanity queuing to make their way to the top of the Empire State Building which, in spite of the heat and wait was stunning.


Saturday morning early we set off from the apartment to make our way to Newark Airport where we were due to meet our friends Sue and Stuart for the drive up to the Lake. Sue has a son who lives in New Jersey where they had spent a few days prior to meeting up with us. Amazingly, we both presented ourselves at the appropriate place at the appropriate time and in next to no time we were on the road joining the countless other holiday makers travelling north to the Catskills and/or Adirondacks on changeover day. A couple of stops enroute and a considerable delay while we shopped for the five thousand at Hannaford’s in Glens Falls and we pulled up to the Ritz about 4.00. Our other friends, Dave and Sue Walton with their lovely girls Ellen and Zoe arrived about 8.30 having flown into Boston earlier in the afternoon. Sandy had laid on a sauna and things were just about as nice as it could possibly be.

For those of you who will be joining us next week, I am pleased to report that the Lake is still every bit as beautiful as you will remember it, the Ritz is looking great, the weather will hopefully be warm/hot and sunny (it’s gorgeous at the moment and the water is heavenly) and the campsite Sandy has prepared for Stragapalooza is coming along nicely. The Port-a-Potties arrive on site during the coming week and we’ll help him get all the tents lined up for the arrival of the first campers on Saturday. Be sure to bring your ticket and, if you are so inclined, your Get Out of Work free card.

Love to you all,