20 June 2010 – Greg & Penny’s Swiss Holiday


Panorama from Diavelezzo

Greg & Penny had a marvellous week in Surlej, just a couple of miles south of St Moritz in the Engadin in Switzerland. Beautiful scenery, amazing mountains, fantastic light and views (and pretty decent weather).

Here are some links to a short to moderate description of each day’s activities and a gallery of the least bad photos.

Day One – 2 June 2010: Luton Airport to Surlej

Day Two – 3 June 2010: Drive up through the Bernina Pass

Day Three – 4 June 2010: By rail up through the Bernina Pass to Alp Grum; up the gondola to the top of Diavolezza

Day Four – 5 June 2010: Drive up through the Albulapass, watching marmots, back up through the Julier Pass to Surlej

Day Five – 6 June 2010: Drive to Scuol and S-charl in the National Park

Day Six – 7 June 2010: Hike up the Val Roseg

Days Seven and Eight – 8 & 9 June 2010: The Segantini Museum in St Moritz and the journey home

Gallery of the least bad photos. (This will open in a new browser window. Close the browser to come back here).


At the top of Diavolezza