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31 January 2010

Some of you will appreciate and understand that as one “matures” it seems that occasionally one’s memory can become a little bit less reliable than it once was. How many of us have entered a room and then paused, trying to recollect what mission had led us to that particular room at that particular time? How many of you, like me, find yourselves halfway up the stairs, completely unable to remember whether you were going up the stairs or down? Me? I regularly forget my name, the name of my wife and children as well as the name of our favourite canine companion. Continue reading

24 January 2010

I swear I was not going to relate the continuing saga of our struggles with our insurance company and their agents regarding the damage to the Annexe shower. Continuing incompetence requires full disclosure, I am afraid.

We all know, I guess, that insurance companies are liars, frauds and cheats. They take your money every month quite happily and assure you of their best intentions and continuing love and affection, when in fact they are out to screw you at the first opportunity. So, what follows will come as no surprise to anyone. (By the way, is there anyone on this mailing list who works in the insurance industry? If so, apologies to you the individual but no apologies, I’m afraid to the industry). Continue reading

17 January 2010

More snow this week – just about everyone reckons that we’ve probably had enough now so if it could please be switched off that would be great. Do those of you who live in the great frozen Northeast know who we need to contact about that?

[To be fair, it started raining yesterday and this morning we are almost snowless again, so “thank you” to whomever arranged that]. Continue reading

10 January 2010

So, we awoke on Wednesday morning to the most significant snow fall we’ve seen in these parts for many years. And here we are at the weekend and it’s still here, with more expected today and tomorrow! Unheard of. Much to my chagrin, the weather forecasters were just about completely accurate in their predictions (although the usual cataclysmic language they use to describe the potential consequences was somewhat excessive, at least for our neighbourhood). Continue reading

3 January 2010

Good morning and a Happy New Year to you all. We ushered in the New Year in our usual sedate manner – by the time we finished our celebrations the fireworks were going off in Paris. Too bad we live in the UK. Continue reading

January 2010
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